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March 31, 2021 Chris & Nancy Pinto Season 1
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Logistics Jobs Weekly
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Roundup of open logistics jobs we're working on around the country and Canada - PLUS cool trivia and a lively soundtrack to match!

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CHRIS: Pinto Employment Search is an executive recruiting agency specializing in Logistics & Supply Chain Jobs. Whether you are a company looking to hire someone, or a professional looking for your next opportunity, check out for more information. 

You’re listening to Logistics Jobs Weekly. I’m Chris Pinto and this is my wife, business partner and intellectual superior, Nancy Pinto.

NANCY:  Hi!  Thanks Chris!  We’re going to let you know which jobs we are working on right now across the US and Canada. For more info, you can find the full job descriptions and requirements at 

The best way to be considered for any position is to apply through our secure website. When you submit your resume, we do NOT automatically send it to our client. We don’t do that until after we have a phone conversation with you. 

CHRIS: If you do not match the requirements of a particular position, You can click the big red submit resume button on our secure website so we have you in the system to be considered for future opportunities. Also, check back frequently to see if we have something that your experience does match. 

For employers and hiring managers, we will let you know about some of the exciting candidates we are working with towards the end of the podcast. 

NANCY: Today we’ll start in Canada. Richmond, BC, whose main Island was named in 1862 after a showgirl named Lulu.

Location: Richmond, BC
Job: Ocean Import Operations Coordinator
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: Looking for a couple years experience working in import for a FF/NVOCC

In CALIFORNIA, which some claim to be the Avocado Capital of the World...
Location: Stockton, CA
Job: General Manager of a Warehouse Sortation Facility
Company Type: Aviation Company
Experience: At least 4 years experience in a similar position
Notes: We actually placed the Vice President that this role reports to back in 2020 and he loves it there. 

Location: Gardena
Job: Branch Manager 
Company Type: NVO/FF
Experience: Position has an emphasis on Business Development and knowledge of Transpacific Eastbound and Westbound trades. Ability to speak Mandarin is a plus. They will be responsible for managing the small staff, P&L hiring/firing. All the fun stuff a Branch Manager does.

Location: Gardena  
Job: Director of Sourcing
Company Type: Manufacturer 
Experience:  This role is global in scope, and manages all aspects of material procurement.  You’ll need at least 12 years in Supply Chain or purchasing within the chemical industry. 

Location: Solana Beach, CA Down by San Diego
Job: Import Logistics Manager 
Company Type: Chemical Distributor
Experience: looking for someone with previous experience managing international ocean import shipments to the US

Location: Pomona, CA
Job: Operations Specialist
Company Type: Freight Forwarder/NVOCC
Experience: Someone with Cargowise experience who has done import/export operations, and ability to speak Mandarin is a plus

Location: Napa Valley
Job: Customer Service Manager
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: Previous experience in operations management for a freight forwarder. Strong knowledge of ocean and air exports. 

Location: Long Beach, CA
Job: Sales Rep
Company Type: Ocean Carrier
Experience: Previous sales experience in the industry with a Steamship Line, and may also be open to looking at people with experience selling for an NVOCC/FF

Location: Hawthorne, CA
Job: Global Process Engineer
Company Type: Chemical Manufacturer & Distributor
Experience: 8-10 years in Process Engineering in a manufacturing environment

Location: Long Beach, CA
Job: Vessel Stowage Planner
Company Type: Steamship Line
Experience: A couple of years experience working in vessel stowage or vessel terminal operations

Location: Cerritos, CA
Job: Ocean Import Manager
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: At least 2 years as an Ocean Import Supervisor or Manager for a FF/NVOCC

Location: Torrance, CA
Job: Warehouse Manager
Company Type: Freight Forwarder/NVOCC with a 250,000 facility and a staff of around 50
Experience: Previous experience as a Warehouse Manager

Location: also in Torrance
Job: Warehouse Routing Clerk
Company Type: In a Warehouse
Experience: Previous experience in warehousing/routing/fulfillment.

Location: 1 in Cerritos & 1 in City of industry
Job: Ocean Import Operations
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: looking for a couple years experience working in ocean import for a FF/NVOCC 

Location: Long Beach
Job: Export Operations Coordinator
Company Type: Well established NVOCC
Experience: a couple years doing export operations for a FF or NVOCC

Location: Long Beach, Los Angeles and Anywhere in Southern California
Job: Freight Forwarding/NVOCC Sales Rep with a stable work history and solid track record with a book of business they can approach and work on transitioning over.
Company Type: We have clients all across the country looking for this type of talent

 In GEORGIA, home of Stone Mountain, one of the largest single masses of exposed granite in the world, we have...
Location: College Park, GA
Job: Ocean Import Operations Coordinator
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: looking for a couple years experience working in ocean import for a FF/NVOCC 

Location: Powder Springs, GA
Job: Sales focused Operations Manager who can acquire and maintain new business in air, Ocean and value-added services
Company Type: Logistics company
Experience: Minimum 3 years with a licensed ocean freight forwarder / OTI / NVOCC. Who is willing and able to meet the requirements to be the Ocean Transport Intermediary Qualifying Individual.  So in short, they’re looking for a QI for their NVOCC license.

NANCY: Chris, why don’t you continue and take us to the Midwest.

CHRIS: Okey dokey!
Next we go to ILLINOIS, whose state snack food is Popcorn...
Location: Chicago/MidWest region
Job: Domestic Sales Rep with proven success selling truckload, and many contacts in the industry they can call on and hopefully bring over.
Company Type: Successful and growing logistics company
Experience: Looking for 3+ years in freight forwarding/logistics/transportation sales.

Location: Also in the Chicago/Midwest region
Job: Experienced LCL Sales Rep with clients they can call on for opportunities to do business.  
Company Type: Well-established neutral NVOCC/Consolidator 
Experience: Previous success selling LCL transportation services

NANCY: Now to MARYLAND, home of the first successful manned balloon launch in the United States in 1784
Location: Elkridge 
Job: Air and Ocean Export Operations Specialist
Company Type: freight forwarder
Experience: 5 years minimum 

CHRIS In MASSACHUSETTS, where volleyball was invented in 1895...
Location: East Walpole
Job: Logistics Coordinator
Company Type: Rapidly expanding supplier
Experience: At least 2 years experience in logistics/supply chain/transportation.

NANCY: And in NEW JERSEY, whose official state fish is the Brook Trout...
Location: East Rutherford 
Job:  - Sales Executive - based inside the office. Not a support position. It’s a full-on sales role.  
Company Type: Freight Forwarder with strong air cargo and project cargo business
Experience:  Some history of working in freight forwarding.  They will train the right person.    

Location: Edison
Job: Plant Manager
Company Type:  chemical manufacturer 
Experience: 10 years in plant management - preferably with chemicals 

Location: Hoboken 
Job: Accountant
Company Type: Freight forwarder 
Experience:  A couple of years in general accounting, A/R, A/P, bookkeeping, reconciliations. 
Notes:  Knowledge of the logistics/transportation industry will help. 

Location: Hoboken & New Providence
Job: Customs Entry Writer
Company Type: Both companies are CHBs
Experience: 2-5 years in brokerage

Location: North Brunswick
Job:  CI Black Belt
Company Type: chemical manufacturer
Experience: great for someone with a manufacturing and engineering background, who loves to tackle improvement projects. They’re looking for 8 - 10 years of experience successfully implementing Lean Six Sigma and other manufacturing principles. 

Location: Somerset 
Job: Quality Assurance Specialist
Company Type: manufacturer specializing in ingredients for food, personal effects, and so on. 
Experience: 5 years in Quality Assurance. 
Notes:  Basically looking for someone who can make sure the products are up to company and regulatory standards (like FDA).

CHRIS: Moving on to NEW YORK where the writer of The Wizard of Oz L. Frank Baum was born in the town of Chittenango, which has yellow brick sidewalks in his honor.
Location: Jamaica, Queens 
Job: Ocean Import Operations
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: looking for a couple years experience working in ocean import for a FF/NVOCC 

Location: Inwood
Job: Air Export Operations Coordinator
Company Type: Freight Forwarder
Experience: looking for previous experience working in air export for a Freight Forwarder 

Location: New Rochelle
Job: Assistant Plant Manager
Company Type: Manufacturing Company
Experience: looking for 2+ years managerial experience in a production/service facility

In NORTH CAROLINA, the birthplace of the Krispy Kreme donut
Location: Charlotte, Raleigh
Job: Domestic Sales Rep with a stable work history and solid track record with a book of business they can call on and hopefully transition over.
Company Type: Successful and growing logistics company
Experience: Looking for 3+ years in freight forwarding/logistics/transportation sales.

Which brings us to VIRGINIA home of The World’s Only Oyster and Maritime Museum
Location: Alexandria
Job: Import/Export Operations Coordinator
Company Type: Forwarder with concentration on personal effects/relocations
Experience: previous experience handling international operations required

NANCY: For more info and full descriptions for all of the above positions, please go to where you can safely and securely apply to any job for which you meet the requirements.

CHRIS: We are always getting great candidates across the country that we don’t have current job openings for. We would also like to tell the employers and hiring managers about some of the candidates we are working with. 

In Southern California, we have a lot of really good Warehouse Managers. We had recently done a search and attracted a lot of talent, but there was only one position to be filled. So if you’re looking for good warehouse people, let us know

NANCY:  In JFK, we're working with a well-rounded Customer Service Operations Manager who is strong in Air Import, Ocean Import, Air Export and Ocean Export. We also are working with a High level CFO experienced in multiple industries including Logistics.  This person is skilled in setting strategy for billion dollar global companies. Currently residing in New Jersey and open to relocating  anywhere in the US

CHRIS:  If your organization is interested in any of these candidates, please let us know. And if you have a particular need for a talented individual please also reach out to us as we are getting new candidates all the time, and we don’t necessarily have a role that they fit. 

NANCY: Our website and contact info will be in the show notes of every podcast episode, so please feel free to share with anyone you know, and reach out with comments, questions, or just to say hello!

Thank you for listening to the Job Search SOS Podcast!  
Please visit and feel free to reach out to us.  See you next time!